Which Is Better for Project Managers?


The proper execution of assignments determines the efficiency of a team. For this, project managers supervise teams and oversee their activities—which can be daunting. Thankfully, project management tools can help ease the pressure.

ProofHub and Asana help ensure stable workflow among employees. However, they have different features that best support certain tasks. In this article, we’ll examine each tool, comparing its key features, pricing, and strengths to help you make an informed decision. What Is ProofHub?

ProofHub is a cloud-based project management tool for teams in large industries. It is used to assign tasks during project collaborations and is helpful in resource and task management. With ProofHub, project managers can organize teams to work towards the desired goal from a centralized location.

Industries that make use of ProofHub include mid-sized and small-sized businesses. They also work great for freelance teams and large enterprises. ProofHub connects the dots regarding planning, communication, organization, and the successful execution of projects.

Key Features of ProofHub

The sections below will look at ProofHub’s most useful tools.

Project Management

With features like Gantt, Calendar, and Tasks, you can monitor team members’ progress on assigned tasks. Project managers can boost their teams’ productivity by hosting silent meetings on ProofHub, brainstorming ideas, and appointing managers to spearhead the different subgroups.

You can also determine who has access to what application, send private messages to them, and have them directly report to you. Features like Task ID give a specific identity to each task with its details. Task ID improves clarity and reduces mistakes.


The Workload Reports feature helps you to monitor the amount of work assigned to each team member and effectively manage them. The feature makes ProofHub one of the best reporting tools for project managers because you get progress reports at each stage of a project using Custom Reports.


Collaborative features like group chats, discussions, and mentions ensure effective communication among the team members. Project managers can also use Announcement to convey important information, like a change in plans, to the rest of the team.

These features make it a good tool for conducting successful project kick-off meetings as it provides options for onboarding and an avenue for team members to share ideas. Finally, events and notifications help to remind you or the team of important events and set up milestones.

Admin & Control

Admin & Control gives you full control of the system. With these features, you can add new team members and restrict access to confidential information when it’s important. Groups and People helps you to create new groups, add people, and assign roles to them. You have access to security measures for the team that protects data shared on the platform.

ProofHub Pricing Plans

ProofHub provides a free plan with very limited features and offers a free trial period that lasts for 14-days, after which you’ll have to choose between the two basic plans—Ultimate control and Essential—to continue using its services. Payment plans for ProofHub start at a monthly flat rate of $99 billed monthly or annually at $89 per month for Ultimate control.

The Essential plan, however, starts at $50 monthly and is $45 per month, billed annually. It has no core features as in the Ultimate plan and is limited to 40 users. However, it is budget-friendly. ProofHub operates a simple pay-as-you-go service. Therefore, you can terminate subscriptions at any point.

What Is Asana?

Asana is a project management platform known for its simplicity and versatility. Asana helps teams plan, manage, and monitor their work in real-time. With this, project managers can determine if a task has been carried out and by whom. It also helps to measure the productivity of each team member to ensure efficiency while preventing burnout.

Asana is also popular for its ability to help teams automate certain tasks by scheduling them ahead of time. Asana improves precision, reduces mistakes, and increases productivity. It doubles as a work management platform that keeps track of each project’s milestones, deadlines, and status reports.

Key Features of Asana

Let’s look at the coolest things you can do with Asana.

Work, Project, and Task Management

With the Task Assignee feature, you can assign specific tasks to team members, clearly indicating who’s responsible for that particular assignment. You can also use Group Tasks to create sections and columns for tasks for more organization.

You can use Forms to highlight project briefs and show details of tasks for more direction in the team. With Asana, project managers can set deadlines for a task, including its start and due date.


Using the Image Proofing feature, team members can leave feedback on images and suggest changes to them. This particular feature would appeal more to creatives. In addition, project managers can use rich text to emphasize certain information, give instructions, and sign tasks. They can also discuss team projects and also view all projects on one page.

Board Views

Task organization and delegation are skills every project manager should have. Asana’s Views feature helps project managers to organize tasks and plan their day. They can search for tasks in a pile of others using the search feature and adjust them without stress.

Team Management

Team management features like Guests and Collaborators help you to add new members to a project, so they can get updates and progress reports. Asana works great for increased productivity and promotes inclusivity towards partners, shareholders, and vendors.

Project managers also have access to admin and privacy controls to appoint individuals that can add, remove, and oversee the activities of other team members to ensure they follow work ethics. Using features in this category, you can create work calendars and share them with other team members.

Asana Pricing Plans

Asana’s pricing starts with a free basic plan. Its premium plan starts at $13.49 per month and $10.99 annually, billed monthly, respectively. The business plan goes for $30.49 per month and $24.99 annually.

ProofHub vs. Asana: Which Is Better for a Project Manager?

Both tools contribute immensely to the productivity of a project manager. They have all the features essential to organizing a team and ensuring continuous workflow. However, this depends on the project and workforce size.

ProofHub is more industry-based and has features like custom roles, workload reports, and collaborative features that are essential for large teams. Invariably, ProofHub is built for medium to large-scale businesses to organize tasks for major projects in the company.

Conversely, Asana is an ideal tool for managing individual tasks in a team. These are not necessarily small-scale businesses but have project management systems that are not complex. For example, a team of freelancers. However, it is the perfect business automation tool and can make the work process faster.

Furthermore, Asana is budget friendly and offers many features at a low cost. Start-ups tilt towards Asana because it has basic features they need. However, ProofHub is usually preferred when scaling up to handle larger projects.

Determining the best project management tool for your team starts with the strength of the team and the project size. If you need more hands on the team, you should consider what tool your team would better adapt to. Finally, ensure to research how to get started with any project management software. That way, you can make productive use of these platforms.

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