The 11 Best Procreate Brushes You Need to Try


If you’ve used Procreate, then you’ll know of the great brush library Procreate offers by default. But sometimes, it isn’t enough.

If you need more brushes, it’s hard to find ones that are good quality, accessible, and something you would actually use. We’ve compiled a list of the best Procreate brushes you should try, including free, premium, and pay-what-you-want options.

Whether you have a kid, are a kid, or miss being a kid, Bardot Brush’s Procreate Brushes for Kids set is perfect for you. This free brush set combines six common mediums that kids make art with and turns them into digital brushes.

You’ll receive brushes for markers, crayons, colored pencils, wet paint, messy paint, and fine-point markers. Relive your childhood—or help your child live their best childhood—with these digital brushes. The best thing about them? You’ll get all the artistic style, with none of the mess or colored walls.

Procreate offers some halftone brushes in its default brush options, but using custom-made halftone is going to guarantee your artwork becomes grunge heaven. VisualTimmy offers the Holy Halftones Procreate brush pack with no less than 21 halftone brushes for $20.

You’ll get halftone dots and lines that all line up perfectly. You can shade, draw, or texturize with this huge variety of halftone brushes. You no longer have to use Photoshop to create pop art portraits, as you’ll be able to draw them from scratch in Procreate with this brush kit.

Many tattoo artists use Procreate to draw their designs. Tattoo Smart provides Procreate kits to help with style, templates, or learning to draw tattoos.

The Spitshade Set is a premium Procreate brush pack that helps you draw or shade your drawings like watercolors using the traditional spitshade method. This brush pack runs for around $75, but it offers great value.

Within The Spitshade Set are other brushes that replicate popular drawing, painting, or shading tools that tattoo artists traditionally use, such as Sharpies, watercolor paint, fine liners, and different paper textures. This pack is great for getting traditional art out there without the extra supply costs.

Painting with watercolor is delicate, but so is painting a feather. How to take two delicate practices and combine them into a simple and easy-to-master method? Download the Watercolor Feather Brush Kit for Procreate for only $4.50.

This kit doesn’t contain any feathers. You’ll receive nine brushes that the artist has created and used to paint realistic feathers. It even includes a feather-brush anatomy chart to help you master the art yourself.

MazakBrushes offer a quick option to add neon lighting to your illustrations with their neon brush pack. You can create a neon light glow effect in Photoshop or use one of these Procreate brushes to get the same effect with one tap. You can buy the Neon & Light Pens brush set for around $9 from Mazak Brushes, keep an eye out for discounts.

Creating a neon light effect yourself takes time using layers and blur effects, so having a brush that does all the work for you is perfect. The effect is realistic and works with multiple color options to light up your work.

Di Brushes provide a vast collection of Procreate brushes. One of our favorites is their glitter brush pack. You can add some light decoration and sparkle to your work in various ways. The Glitter Brush pack comes with 22 brushes. They can be used to create a bokeh-style background, airborne glitter particles, freckles, and plenty more.

Di Brushes also provide other brush packs, both for free and premium options, on their Gumroad page. Many of the free brush options have a premium version of the same pack, so you may get a lesser quality or less finalized design in the free packs than the paid-for ones.

The Glitter Brushes pack is available for a pay-what-you-want model starting from $2.99.

Sometimes you don’t need anything flashy; microbians has you covered with these 13 Every Day Brushes. You can download these with a pay-what-you-want model.

The brush set provides the above six brushes and more: watercolor, brush oil, hard pencil, noise, round marker, and round quilt. As the name suggests, you can use these for everyday general drawing. It’s nothing special, but it might just be exactly what you need. Read our guide of tips and tricks for using any Procreate brushes.

Jamie Bartlett’s Nitty Gritty Procreate brush pack contains four simple texture brushes. Though they are simple, they can be a time saver when wanting to add a bit of gritty texture to your work. The results of these brushes give a vibe of lino print or screenprint with a little misprint result.

These stippled brush effects result in a vintage poster effect. It provides a subtle and quick way to add some texture to your work, without making it the whole focal point of the piece. This small brush pack is available for personal, commercial, and extended commercial licenses starting from $9.

If you like using Procreate to draw portraits, you might have experienced how hard it is to draw or paint realistic hair. With this Hair Brushes for Procreate set, those struggles will be a thing of the past.

This free brush set has over 20 brushes, including single strands, grouped stands, eyebrows, eyelashes, and various types of stubbles. You’ll be able to draw almost all types of hair you can think of with these brushes. There may be common problems you can easily fix in Procreate, but with this brush, drawing hair won’t be one of them.

From hair to fur—we’ve got you covered. This 28-piece Realistic FUR brush pack is all you’ll need to paint and draw your furry friends or imaginative creatures. The name suggests realistic, and the results prove it. Your jaw will drop when you use these brushes and you’ll want to cuddle and pet your own fluffy drawing. This brush set is available for personal use for $10.

This free brush offers a light chalky texture that can be used for drawing, shading, or writing. Pair it with a textured background for the full effect. You’ll find more premium brush bundles on Super Nice Stuff that are affordable, but nothing is more affordable than free.

Just follow the link and sign up to Super Nice Stuff’s mailing list to be a recipient of this textured brush. The Chloe Procreate Brush provides just one brush, but it is an excellent addition to your brush library.

Add the Best Brushes to Your Procreate Library

Now you have plenty of new brushes to choose from. With free options, you can download right away and start creating, or with premium options, you can decide to invest more in your artwork.

These brush variations will level up the art you can produce and let you reach an audience you might not have found by using only default library brushes.

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