How to Check and Manage Your Activity on Instagram


Instagram, being a graphic platform, can most certainly absorb your energy and keep you hooked. Increased screen time and app activity can also affect your health.

Fortunately, Instagram has developed activity management features to help you control interactions and time spent on the app.

We’ll discuss the methods to check and manage your activity on Instagram, including their perks. With a clear understanding, you’ll be able to better control your Instagram activities.

Instagram’s Time Spent Feature

Screen time is a common concern for most of us, and we can all agree on the mutual mini-heart attack that most of us experience after watching the weekly screen time notification.

Instagram offers its users an overview of the total time spent on the app.

To check your time spent on Instagram:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile and select the three horizontal lines in the top right corner to open a new menu.
  2. From there, choose Your Activity. It contains different activity management tools that help you maintain harmony between Instagram and real life and avoid social media addiction.
  3. Scroll until you see Time Spent. This section tells you about the average time you spend on your Instagram account. The time displayed on top is the average, but if you press and hold the bars on the chart, it shows the daily time.
  4. Users can customize the app settings in Manage Your Time to match their preferences.

Get Reminders to Take Breaks

Taking breaks from the screen is essential for your eyes and mental health. Start time management by restricting the number of minutes you spend on Instagram. Tap Set Reminder to Take Breaks and choose between the given time.

Instagram will send you an alert to close the app, so you can focus on other things.

Set Daily Time Limit

Do you feel addicted to Instagram? If so, we don’t blame you. With so much exciting content, it becomes difficult for people to stop using the app.

By tapping on Set Daily Time Limit, you can start receiving notifications about the time duration you spent on the app.

Notification Settings

Notifications are the most distracting thing on your phone. By selecting Notification Settings, you can choose to filter the alerts that make their way to your screen. Apart from this, there is an option to disable all notification alerts on the app as well.

Manage and Sort Your Instagram Content

Instagram offers its users the feature of sorting and managing their content. This feature enables you to choose what should be on your Instagram and what has to go.

  1. Open the menu by selecting three lines on the top right of your profile.
  2. Tap Your Activity and scroll to Photos and Videos.
  3. All your uploaded content is available with easy access. You can sort and filter it as you want.
  4. Choose the media you wish to change.
  5. Press the three dots on top of your content and pick the desired action. You can change comment settings, hide likes, edit the post, share to other apps, and even delete it.

Manage Interactions Made on Your Instagram Content

People interact with comments, replies, and messages on Instagram. If you wish to review interactions made from your account with others, select Interactions and choose what you wish to see from comments, likes, story replies, and reviews. Then, use the filters to sort and organize your interactions.

Review Your Instagram Account History

Content creators’ account history is crucial in remembering and understanding the changes made previously. When viewing the account history, you can also navigate to that section and change them.

You can review the changes made to your account privacy, bio, username, email, Instagram name, and contact information. You can evaluate what needs to be changed and what works best regarding your account’s general appearance.

Check Your Recent Instagram Searches

Like Facebook, Instagram also allows its users to view their recent searches. To do so:

  1. Open Your Activity by tapping the three bars on the top right of your profile.
  2. Scroll down until you see Recent Searches and tap it.
  3. All the accounts you searched for are listed here.
  4. Click the small cross on the right side of the username to remove that account from your search list.

The Recent Searches tab is helpful if you are looking for an account with a complicated username or an account that you wish to go through later on.

We see multiple ads from various websites on Instagram. Clicking on these links takes you to that website. You can review your previously visited links through Instagram account activity.

Users can also look for suspicious links that may spoil their account integrity. Simply open Your Activity and tap on Links You’ve Visited to review them.

Delete and Archive Your Instagram Posts

You might want to remove specific posts temporarily or permanently on Instagram. If you wish to see your archived or deleted pictures, navigate to the relevant sections in the Your Activity section. Users are directed to the posts they have archived or deleted.

You can also delete and archive posts directly by following these steps:

  1. From your profile, tap on the image you wish to archive or delete.
  2. Tap the three dots on the right side of your username to open a new menu.
  3. Choose the option of Archive or Delete.

Remember that archived posts can be viewed and revived again, but if you delete a post, it is considered permanent.

Create a Balance Between Instagram and Real Life

Instagram is one of the most popular graphic-based content apps out there, and it’s easy to get addicted to this app. Many users complain about the difficultites they face managing their time and activity on the app.

With the app’s built-in features, it is possible for you to check and manage your activity on this platform. You can view the time spent on the app as well as many other activity types. Based on this data, you can make a sound judgment and limit your use of this application.

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